Catered Dinners

Cuisine for a cause.

Bring people together to share a meal-and raise money for your shared cause at the same time. Here's how it works:

Boston Market...
  • Helps you select a dinner menu
  • Gives you a discounted per-person rate
  • Delivers, sets up and replenishes the buffet during the dinner
Your organization...
  • Picks a date and location for the fundraising event
    (Your facility must have tables and running water; indoor locations are recommended.)
  • Contacts Boston Market at 1-866-977-9090 to reserve the date
  • Sets the per-person dinner price
  • Promotes the fundraising dinner
  • Calls Boston Market at 1-866-977-9090 with the final guest count five days before the event
  • Keeps the difference between the dinner price and the discounted cost

For example...

Boston Market charges JFK High School $7.25 per person for dinner. The high school then sells 250 tickets to the dinner for $10 per person. The school retains $2.75 per person, raising $687.50 in one evening.