• Our people are the most important ingredient.
  • Boston Market - a great place to work.
  • Pride, growth and fun.

Crew Member:

Crew members are the backbone of the restaurant. They are the people who interact with our guests the most and have the biggest impact on the experience that our guests are having. They help to prepare and serve the awesome food that we are known for. Here are a couple of the possible positions you could have at Boston Market:

Cashier: For many of our guests, the cashier is the person they will remember from Boston Market. Our guests count on them to ring up their order quickly and correctly, and to make sure that they are receiving everything they intended to receive. But THE most important thing may do to leave a positive, lasting impression on our guests is to smile, greet them warmly, and THANK them for coming to Boston Market.

Carver: The carver's job is to "artfully" carve up a whole chicken and take our signature product, Boston Market's rotisserie chicken, and create a masterpiece on the plate. It truly is an art form. Their skill in cutting our chicken and carving our meats, making our awesome sandwiches and salads and presenting them on the plate sets our restaurants apart from all of the other restaurants in America. Standing proud in their chef coat, they are the center of attention within a Boston Market and the one that our guests look to as "the chef". They are the artists responsible for delivering our art to our guests: awesome food!

As a Crew Member you get some great perks:

  • Flexible Schedule: No late night shifts and no early morning shifts (No, really it's true)
  • Discounts of Food: We want you to be passionate and knowledgeable about our food, so we offer hourly employees a discount on one meal per shift
  • Training: We want to help you grow your career. Check out our Boston Market University Page for more details
  • Pay Cards: You no longer have to go cash a check, you get a debit card that we load each time you get paid