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Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers have one of the most interesting roles in the restaurant. They have the challenge of delivering our awesome food in a warm and friendly way outside of our restaurant. This will not always be easy to do. First, they need to ensure that once they get to their destination, our guests will be able to enjoy hot, fresh and high quality food at their location.

This means that delivery drivers must ensure that the food is properly packaged and then delivered quickly in a safe manner. They are the only touch point for our catering guests, so they also must ensure that they experience the same level of hospitality and service that our dine-in guests experience.

Above all, it's important that they are warm and friendly with our guests and sincerely thank them for ordering from Boston Market for their event.

As a Delivery Driver you get some great perks:

  • Flexible Schedule: Most of the deliveries are made between 10 AM and 2 PM every day, which means you can have a part-time job and still have a life! (What a concept)
  • Discounts of Food: We want you to be passionate and knowledgeable about our food, so we offer hourly employees a discount on one meal per shift
  • Delivery Fee: As a driver you will get a guaranteed delivery fee, plus your hourly rate! That beats waiting for a $2 tip any day.
  • Training: We want to help you grow your career. Check out our Boston Market University Page for more details