Training and Development

Passion. Talent. Leadership. Our job is to make the most of what you offer every day. To develop our leaders, we combine shoulder-to-shoulder learning, self-learning and formal classroom training. Our goal is to build your technical, business and interpersonal skills. We want to help you do your job more effectively. We also want to enhance your career growth.

Boston Market University

Boston Market University is a program that has been designed for all levels of the field organization. We have designed our training classes to immerse our trainees in the position that they want to learn about. We give them written, verbal and side-by-side training along with validation time to ensure that what you have learned has now become part of your every day practices.

For example a General Manager in Training is going to perfect the trainees skills on areas such as; how to maximize the use of their local store marketing kits, how to explain the P&L, how to motivate and train your employees, etc. These training classes ensure that the employee is ready to step into their next role when called upon and prevents the "trial by fire" mentality that exists in today's world.

Career Growth

We've got restaurants across the U.S. That means there's a lot of potential for growth at Boston Market. Here's a typical career path for our employees:

  • Crew Member or Driver
  • Certified Trainer
  • Hourly Shift Manager (HSM)
  • Manager-in-Training (MIT)
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Director of Operations

After demonstrating your ability as an hourly employee, the first step in your progression is to become a certified trainer. Certified Trainers assist the leadership team in orienting and training new employees and in cross-training existing employees. Our first restaurant management, or leadership, position is Hourly Shift Manager (HSM). HSMs are able to open, run and close a Boston Market restaurant. During peak guest periods, HSMs help the restaurant leadership team run shifts. An HSM's next position in the career ladder is an Assistant Manager (AGM) or General Manager (GM). GMs and AGMs are responsible to be role models and teachers to their teams; create an environment where they and their restaurant teams are living our values, providing leadership to team members who deliver a great dining experience for our guests by maintaining consistently high standards, modeling a passion for service, and attending to details.

From there, you create your own destiny. Maybe you're thinking about a career in training or human resources. We'll work with you to develop the skills and experience you need to succeed. Boston Market is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.