Signature Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie cooking has endured since ancient times, and with good reason. No other method keeps meat as juicy and perfectly roasted as it rotates slowly under an even heat. We've always cooked our fresh whole chickens this way and the great flavor of Boston Market chickens is what our guests have come to expect.

Our naturally raised and expertly prepared chicken is so popular we have to cook extra to make sure we have plenty on hand. Quite honestly, there is nothing better to build your dinner around than an all-natural, hand selected Boston Market rotisserie chicken.

Think about it. It's hard to find a place where fresh - never frozen - chicken is roasting right in front of you. We know you'd do it yourself if you could, so we make sure our chicken is prepared just the way you like it.

If we were known for just one dish, it would be our to-die-for rotisserie chicken.

Here's why it's so special:

Farm to table. Our chickens are raised on the natural grains they prefer to eat. They are sourced locally and hand selected for perfect shape and size. Not too large (they'd be tough), not too small, our chickens cook up perfectly every time.

Old-school roasting. Nothing beats slow roasted chicken for tenderness and flavor. Our rotisserie method caramelizes the skin and allows the fat to drip away, leaving a lean, yet moist meat. We're putting our perfectly seasoned chickens on the rotisserie every hour so a fresh one is ready just at the moment you walk in.

Ready for dinner. Although our chickens are always hot out of the rotisserie, you never have to wait. We have perfect timing! Just place your order online, by phone or in person, then bring it home with a few of our sides and even the pickiest eater at your table will be happy.

Meal after meal, this is chicken at its best.