Signature Rotisserie Chicken

What makes our Signature Rotisserie Chicken so succulent, savory and better for you? It's all in the details.

  1. No Added Hormones or Steroids

    We start with an all natural chicken fed only quality grains, vitamins and minerals - no added hormones or steroids.

  2. Fresh, Never Frozen

    Our whole chicken never comes from a freezer. It's always fresh from the farm, marinated and rotisserie roasted to succulent perfection.

  3. Rotisserie Roasted

    Nothing beats slow roasting for tenderness and flavor. Our signature rotisserie method caramelizes the skin and allows the fat to drip away, leaving lean, yet juicy rotisserie chicken.

  4. Impeccable Timing

    At Boston Market, we rotisserie roast our fresh all-natural chicken every hour, on the hour. That's why when you walk through the door; you'll find a perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken ready to be hand-carved to order.