Original, BBQ or Spicy Sauces

Great restaurants are known by their sauces and our trio brings rotisserie chicken to a new level. Whether you choose the down-home tang of BBQ, the exotic blend of Sweet Thai Garlic or the mildly spicy Honey Habanero, you really can't go wrong.

  • Zesty Barbecue (mild)

    Our signature BBQ sauce with molasses, brown sugar and pit spices are mixed to create a perfect balance of sweet & spicy

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • Sweet Thai Chili Garlic (medium hot)

    A traditional Thai sauce with chilies, rice wine vinegar and sugar.

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • Honey Habanero (medium hot)

    A mix of one of the world's hottest peppers with some sweetness to give your Chicken a little Southwestern kick.

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