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Whole Rotisserie Chicken  on cutting board accompanied by natural herb/spice display in an apparent country setting

Your guide to creating delicious and easy meals featuring Boston Market menu items. Try one of these chef-inspired recipes today!

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Instructions for Pulling Chicken

Use Boston Market Rotisserie Chicken. Use Boston Market Rotisserie slow-roasted Chicken in your home-prepared meals to save valuable time. Chicken can be pulled either hot or cold, but it’s most easily done when the chicken is hot. Here are some tips on how to pull the chicken meat from a whole chicken:

Pulling Chicken BreastS

Remove the wing and skin from the breast and discard the wing. Remove the wishbone from the top end of all the breast quarters near the wing joint. Starting at the cartilage end, gently separate the meat from the bones until the meat is pulled away from one piece. Check for bones, cartilage, gristle, skin and discard. By hand, split the breast in half, widthwise across the grain; then continue to pull chicken meat in pieces, lengthwise.

Pulling Thighs and Legs

Separate the legs from the thighs and remove the skin from all pieces. Pull the meat from the thigh, ensuring that all bones, cartilage, gristle, and skin are removed. Continue to pull thigh meat in pieces, lengthwise. Pull the meat from the legs, removing tendons, knuckles, and bones.