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Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Chicken on a spit

Make Your Next Video Call More Delicious!

Visit Boston Market (Virtually) Via Video Chat

These days, quite a few of us are stuck at home and connecting online with video chat services like Zoom, but sometimes it’s fun to visualize yourself in your happy place. When you’re using Zoom to video-conference with family, friends or colleagues, log in with style and share your love for awesome rotisserie meals and more!

Customize Your Boston Market Background On Zoom, Like This:

  1. Choose your favorite Boston Market photo background below and save it on your device for use with the Zoom desktop or mobile app.
  2. Log into Zoom, open your account settings, or click the up arrow next to “Start Video” in the lower-left corner.
  3. Click “Choose a Virtual Background,” and then click the plus sign to upload your selection. You should be all set. Still need help? Check out Zoom’s official guidelines.

Roasted SLOOOOWWWW, Delivered Fast


Hanging Out On The Corner


Mac Anybody?


MMM… Cookies…


Hang In There…


Leftovers on the Third Floor!